The beginnings

Ortoplast has its origins in Auxiplast, a company founded in 1982 by my father, Ramón Sambola, a chemist by profession specialized in plastics, after working for many years for Plexiglas and its star product plexidur.

In the late 80's, working for him, and somewhat following my intuition, I convinced my father to create a specific department in the company to distribute a plastic focused on orthopedics.

Little by little, with a lot of tenacity, and almost as a personal bet, I introduced the product to Spanish companies by making phone calls and cold door visits. In 1989 I even stood in front of the Orthopedics Congress in Barcelona to hand out brochures to the visitors.


And yes, it paid off and it worked.

In fact, it worked so well that in 1993 Ortoplast was born as a company, already 100% dedicated to orthopedic materials, even manufacturing its own products under the names of Ortotransfer and Shockicel. 

Today we distribute all over the world (from Mexico and Canada to India and Thailand, passing through South Africa or, closer to home, Ukraine, France or Germany) and we have more than 350 loyal customers who trust us and our catalog year after year.

My pride

In any case, there is something of which I feel especially proud; and that is to have grown (and to continue growing) in a natural way, without great pretensions and coherent, faithful to ideals that lead me to focus more on the development and improvement of new products than on promotion, without ever neglecting our service.

What's more, you probably came here through references, because we don't invest in advertising and we only attend a few, very selected fairs.

All this is possible thanks to a small but united, cohesive and well-cohesive team of seven people in which professionalism prevails, but also a fluidity that is part of Ortoplast's DNA. 

Rafa Sambola Orthoplast

Rafa Sambola

I continue with the same motivation of the beginnings. Since 1993, innovating in materials for orthopedic products.
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